Developments in talent assessment in 2014

Gusts of changing trend are modifying the way business is executed every day. Appraisal methods of prospective candidates have also undergone serious transformation. Old, mechanical and time consuming methods of assessment of job seekers have made way for modern, almost amusing yet effective schemes. As we march deeper into 2014, the following trends would become progressively more popular-

People will exercise power too

One of the most concrete indications of the changing ways of talent assessment is that the process of applying for job would be a balanced and mutually interdependent exchange between employers and employees. Candidates are far better informed and access to information will act as a strength capable of initiating changes in the way talent is evaluated. Assessment process must be easily accessible on mobile devices otherwise candidates would simply not bother to apply for the post. If the process is brief, interesting and provides a realistic idea about the job then it can attract and sustain the attention of candidates. Candidates will also constantly be in the lookout for reliable and promising brand names and brand values. Feedbacks will also become an important part of evaluation. Any organisation that fails to secure these would be deemed as outdated and redundant.

New definition of resume

Employers and employees are meeting more and more in platforms and communities outside the formal processes of hiring where personal information is certifiable. Resumes are not printed documents anymore but dynamic and active profiles.

Long tail recruiting

This is a modern concept of recruitment in which candidates and organisations become involved in a dynamic discourse across differing communities. With the flow of information, employers and job seekers will become acquainted with each other based on common interests.  Thus a common ground may be discovered where the interests of applicants and employers merge. Psychological measurement and artificial intelligence will become two important factors during recruitment in due course.

Cost effective methods of assessment

Various companies are already competing in the market offering evaluations at minimum expenses or even as a free value-added service with other project software. Organisations that specialise in this task will consequently need to establish themselves as business partners in order to justify charges higher than market rates.


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