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Chief Data Officer

  • 2018-09-10
Job Description

Designation :- Chief Data Officer  ( CDO )

Location :- Bangalore 

Reporting to :- COO 

Client Details :

Our world is inherently geographic. Understanding context, the impact & the unique situation a customer has on a business,  is critical to business success.

Our client provides deep insights into the behaviour of customers in micro markets. 

Our client is an expert in location and predictive analytics space with the goal being predicting human behavior to influence decision making. Currently we are in the process of developing our analytics platform using some of the latest and cutting edge technologies, which will handle millions of records from hundreds of data sources.

With use Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Behavioural Psychology, our client helps companies drive business transformation by helping them combine alternate, external and traditional data to gain a competitive advantage.

Founded in 2014, our client is one of the top 10 new Startups in the data analytics segment in India and growing. 

With over 100 use cases and customers in BFSI, Retail , Healthcare and other sectors, our client with offices in 3 locations currently is expanding. The quality of people within this company is an interesting blend of team members from MIT, IITs and IIMS across all functions. 

Currently our client is looking for interesting minds to build an organisation which offers immense value to all the stake holders.

Job Description :

  • The CDO shall bear the responsibility for the firm’s enterprise wide data and information strategy, governance, control, policy development, and effective exploitation. 
  • The CDO’s role will combine accountability and responsibility for information protection and privacy, information governance, data quality and data life cycle management, along with the exploitation of data assets to create business value. 
  • The CDO shall be in charge of overseeing the larger Data and Analytics department. This is inclusive of the Data Analytics and Data Science departments. He shall oversee the development of new data analytics capabilities across the business and manage on-going comprehensive data analytics. 
  • The Chief Data Officer shall be responsible for driving the Data and Analytics Department vision, strategy, and execution. 
  • The Chief Data Officer strives to ensure that the department is functioning to enable sustainable business growth and profitability, internal efficiencies through improved data structures, constant data cleanliness and insight, efficient data governance and process. 
  • The role of the Chief Data Officer is responsible for the development of the Data and Analytics department’s overall strategy and owning the business’s data management roadmap as well as securing the funding necessary to see through the department’s vision. 
  • The Chief Data Officer ensures that the various Data and Analytics departments have their goals aligned with the business’s mission, strategy, and objectives. 
  • The role of the Chief Data Officer is also a part of the executive leadership committee within the business and together with other executives, the Chief Data Officer participates in business-wide decision-making and strategy formulation

  • Objectives and Responsibilities :- 
  • Leadership Role :- 

  • CDO Shall be in charge of overseeing the larger data and analytics department . The department shall include both data analytics and data science Departments . 
  • Oversee Strategic data priorities of the department and identifies new business opportunities • 
  • Shall regulate how the business captures , maintains and presents and information at a top level in order to measure performance • 
  • The Chief Data Officer provides expertise and consults on all major datarelated initiatives inclusive of personnel recruiting, development, and retention within the business. • 
  • Chief Data Officer also plays a mentorship role to key personnel within the Data and Analytics department, assisting in the execution of their function upon request, and encouraging the constant growth in their professional skills in order for them to take up his functions in the future. 

  • Strategic Role :

  • The Chief Data Officer plays a leading strategic role where he defines and oversees how the business captures, maintains, and applies data and information in order to support of key business processes. • 
  • He establishes the strategic direction for building the business’s data management program and optimizing how the business uses data both internally and externally. • 
  • In this capacity, the Chief Data Officer acts as a thought leader defining the business’s data strategy and data roadmap • 
  • The Chief Data Officer plays an analytical role where he defines and drives all analytics and business intelligence initiatives in the Data and Analytics department. • 
  • The Chief Data Officer defines appropriate analytical models necessary to support use cases such as customer segmentation, among others and leverages the power of predictive insights and analytics. • 
  • In this capacity, the Chief Data Officer is tasked with providing the data analytics infrastructure that support and achieves operational business goals and targets.

  • Colloboration : 

  • The Chief Data Officer plays a highly collaborative role and in this position, he shall oversee cross-functional data governance while simultaneously ensuring adoption and adherence to data quality and process governance in the relevant collaborating departments. • 
  • The Chief Data Officer partners closely with Tech leadership responsible for data analytics, custodianship, and infrastructure ensuring alignment with the Data and Analytics department avoiding conflicting activities, and availing the most efficient data analytics insights across the business Knowledge and Opportunity: • 
  • The Chief Data Officer acts as an authority within the Data and Analytics department, promoting the use of industry leading trends and new data management technologies. He is also responsible for finding data analytic opportunities for the business and ensuring data and information compliance with the business policy and external legal requirements. 

Skill Required

  • Skills and Qualification:- 
  • Minimum Education Qualification :- 
  • PhD or Masters in data Science . Statistics , Analytics or any other related field. • 
  • Preferred age :- Below 40 - 12 to 15 + Years of working experience in Data Analytics or Data Science field with minimum 5 years in leadership position . - 
  • Should be highly knowledgeable in front-to-back data lifecycle and be highly proficient in wide array of data tools and technologies such Hadoop, Teradata, SQL, Redshift, PostgreSQL, Vertica as well as scripting languages such as Python and R - 
  • Should have worked across industries like BFSI , Retail , Healthcare preferable and have dealt with data of various nature . 
  • Should possess excellent communication skills which shall help in attaining clarity both internally and externally . - 
  • Should have trackable record of building teams and scaling the business in terms of Data sourcing , management and deployment for various solutions 


Education Required

  • PhD or Masters in data Science . Statistics , Analytics or any other related field. • 
  • Preferred age :- Below 40 - 12 to 15 + Years of working experience in Data Analytics or Data Science field with minimum 5 years in leadership position 

Job Location:

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