Effective use of social media in Recruiting


Recruiting efficient and effective staff is a challenge faced by most recruiters. But with the advent of internet and rise in the use of social media, it is not as difficult as it used to be. Social media has changed the way people live and has an enormous reach among the people. The potential of this medium can be tapped by the recruiters to find the right people for their organization. Studies have shown that more than 60% of the internet users have at least one profile in any social network. Let us take the example of Facebook, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It has been estimated that Facebook has more than 900 million users worldwide and 50% of the registered users of Facebook open it regularly on a daily basis. But a careful and systematic approach has to be taken in order to use the social media effectively in the process of recruitment. Unless done in a systematic way, there is every possibility that a recruiter’s efforts to draw the attention of genuine and serious jobseekers might result in a flow of unwanted online traffic. It has been time and again proved that prevention is better than cure. So it would be in the best interest of the recruiters to adopt certain precautionary measures to use this modern and useful technique more effectively yielding the best possible result. Here we discuss some of the steps and methods that recruiters may adopt while using social media in order to hire the right staff for their organization.

Using only relevant content while advertising a job in social media

Conveying the right message is the most important aspect while advertising any product or service. When a job is advertised in social media, it is primarily the content of the advertisement which will help the aspiring candidates to have a clear idea of the job. This is where comes the role of an expert copy writer who can design and draft an advertisement in such way so that it precisely reflects the nature and the responsibilities of a particular profile.

Using different approach for different profiles

Every job profile has its own nature and characteristics. Accordingly different methods have to be used while advertising different job profiles. It is quite

understood that an advertisement meant for the post of the CEO of an organization is not going to be suitable for the role at an entry level and vice versa. Here comes the role of the copy writer again who should be able to make a distinction to the advertisement as demanded by the concerned profile.

Use of audio-visual medium in advertising a job

It has been observed that a significant portion of the population prefer the audio visual medium over the written content. So it is equally important for the recruiter to use both the appropriate content and an attractive audio-visual presentation to reach a larger mass. Utmost care has to be taken while creating an advertisement in this medium so that the gravity of the message is not lost in the fanfare associated with delivery method.

Using the existing human resources and attracting referral through social media

Referral has long been the most effective internal method of hiring the right people for an organization. Majority of the people trust their acquaintances over the professional recruiters while choosing a job. It is always expected that a present employee of an organization while referring a friend or relative to a job in his or her organization will be able to describe the nature of the job in the best possible way. Now social media is a very effective tool to make your own employees aware of the upcoming vacancies and the responsibilities involved. This way the employees feel connected to their place of work and it gives them a feeling of belongingness to their own organization. In addition to that it is a convenient way for them to earn extra and they try using it to the fullest if it is advertised to them properly.

Using all the available platforms on social media

It is always recommended to use all the available platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc so that awareness of an advertised profile increases manifold. A lot of people have only one account in social media sites. Even while using a particular social media site, right groups and communities should be targeted to achieve the attention of the relevant people.

Job advertisements executed by trained experts and done with proper care will certainly bring right people to your organization and make the job of recruiters much relaxing and hassle free. So happy hiring all recruiters!!!

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