Social Media breaks the walls of classroom training

The present commercial scenario that has become a global situation makes companies grapple with ever-increasing demands for output. The catch is the companies have a limited amount of resources through which better outcomes need to be attained. These circumstances are doubly true for the human resources, who are expected to function in more roles than they have the skills for and yet perform well. In order to better equip their employees for the demands of the time companies hold training for the purpose of familiarizing employees with the new functions, that is requires of them.

Nowadays companies are increasingly aware that in the zone of professional training the good old methods of classroom teaching or even online training are not good enough. The times are such that the minutest of information is shared and connected in the virtual network of social media. Here the positioning of social media is resourceful medium of instruction for learners to adapt their learning process.

The pros of Social Media in being a training platform

  • For the professional learner the lure of learning on social media is larger than that of classroom or online training.
  • Social media suits the Just-in-time necessities of professionals learning while they simultaneously handle their workload.
  • The Just-in-time training model lets the learner choose. They craft their courses according to their priorities, while not depending on location or time constraints of classroom learning. Moreover, they can instantly apply what they learn.
  • Trainees from various backgrounds bond and distribute their knowledge on social media unlike classroom teaching where there is a definite set of students.
  • Needs of the modern learner change constantly to which social media keeps adapting.
  • Blogs, Facebook posts, podcasts, YouTube videos that the learners encounter in the training helps them generate content simultaneously while consuming the same.
  • Skype, Twitter and webinars help the trainees connect and collaborate outside the training schedule and extend on their learning in innovative ways.
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