Is it productive to ignore millennials in the corporate culture?

The world of corporate sector in India has undergone vast changes. Whether it is the power of expenditure, commercial, targets, technical advancement or the performance of workers there is visible a marked change. A curious statistic here is that millennials constitute 34% of the present workforce which is estimated to reach 46% by 2020, although the X generation calls the shots in the corporate world.

The exact generation definition of the millennials is debatable. However it is widely taken to be those who were born between the years of 1982 to 1995. The Indian millennials have their own singularity in the fact that they witnessed the changing face of modern India. From free economy, fast food, rise in technology and better transportation—it all happened while they were growing up.

Multi-taskers or Impatient?

It seems natural to assume they who came up from the transitional phase will be considered adaptable to any kind of work environment. However, the ground reality is millennials are perceived not only as unconstrained and ill-equipped by recruiters but also as inconsistent who change jobs frequently. Their impatient nature of requiring instant outcome works against them, which can be channelized into achieving deadlines faster by the hirers. In fact, they are multi-taskers and should be considered assets for their global exposure which lets them integrate on an international level.

Invest in training the millennial

Surveys have shown that both the educational institutions and the students graduating feel unsure about their prospective success in the corporate world. Corporate pioneers should take it upon themselves to bridge the gap between education and application. India can properly utilize the tag of being the “world’s youngest country” by catering to this group. Companies have to learn the art of not only hiring but retaining the millennials. By investing in a training structure and other wellness programs to engage and educate them, companies are bracing for a bright tomorrow.

The training should be encouraged in a competitive environment, where the gamer in the millennial inevitably responds. The work environment should make an effort to be goal-oriented to hold the flitting attention of this otherwise productive generation. Efforts should be made to integrate them in the business world to secure its future.

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