The market globally has gained momentum since the recession. It means that more opportunities are available for qualified employees. Employees will automatically seek to work for organizations where they will find better scope for personal progress. Employers must be aware of certain standard behavioral alterations in employees to know when they have lost interest and are ready to leave. The market is very competitive and employers must retain valuable performers. This information would be helpful for employers-

  • Frequent sick leaves taken
  • Sudden lack of punctuality
  • Phone calls, messages or emails not returned
  • Deteriorating level of productivity
  • Decrease in contributions in projects or meetings
  • Lack of commitment towards the goal of organization
  • Lack of enthusiasm to take up new challenges or long term projects
  • Diminishing interaction with co-workers or senior members
  • Performing only the minimal amount of work required
  • Lack of innovation and dwindling pace of progress

It is worth remembering, that a dissatisfied employee who is considering changing his job is likely to divulge important and confidential information to competitors or take steps to jeopardize the productivity of the organization. The first step to retain crucial employees is to locate such employees as such attitude may be responsible for bringing down the energy and morale of the entire team. It will help employers to address the issues that are causing differences and try and solve them effectively.

Possible reasons why an employee wants to quit-

Personal tragedy- An employee may be facing hard times in his personal life and cannot balance it well with professional expectations. Supervisors must be considerate in these situations. They should provide support and sympathy and lighten work load if possible for some time.

Employees feel undervalued- An employee may feel that his labours are not being duly recognized and consider leaving. If such is the case, the supervisor must talk it out and assure the employee.

Lack of opportunities to utilize skills- If employees feel that they are not getting the scope to fully utilize their talents and also an environment to grow, they will become disinterested in their jobs. Supervisors must provide a challenging job atmosphere where employees can grow and prosper.



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