HR departments in any corporate organization had been deemed to add a much-needed personal touch to the impersonal face of the corporate sector. Of late the same HR has taken a lot of flak for not benefitting the corporate structure. Under the new conditions, employees in a company will be least likely to be willing to be classified a HR personnel.  The reasons behind this can be thus viewed:

 What’s in a Name?

  • A lot of issues have been raised with the naming of this department. It has been found that humans don’t like being reduced to ‘resources’. Having said that, this is more like the sulking airs of a losing team who find faults in trivial things.

 Swinging Troubles

  • The more substantial complaint in the functioning of HR machinery is that it has to act as a mediator between the company and employees. This becomes a double-edged sword. On one hand, they are popular with the employees for catering to their needs, and in the next moment they have to act in the interest of the employers and the senior management to keep a tab on those same employees. This can become trying in case of any dispute. However it is better to have inside appraisals that are legally executed than outsourcing such matters. A disgruntled party does not necessarily mean the HR is at fault.

 Gimmick or Real

  • More alarmingly the HR machinery has been accused of only being a gimmick factor. Instead of serving their real end they are alleged to be perpetually drowned in bureaucratic and legal wrangles leaving them with little time to be of any actual assistance. What the real concern seems to be is the machinery is poorly managed and on the outset any inefficiently run unit of a company becomes redundant if it does not make substantial contributions.


  • What these factors lead up to is a discontented and inefficient unit that becomes a liability to the entire company. Rather than writing off the necessity of HR units maybe it is time these concerns are no longer ignored and a complete overhaul ordered to do away with the processes that make the HR units redundant.                         
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