Every ambitious person is part of a rat-race towards development in order to advance the situation he is currently in. Some call it personal development while others define it as professional progress. The objective however is always the betterment of position and attaining success. The notion is that, dedication towards “development” will take us further and gift us a successful career whereas, practically the opposite is true.

The work we do best is “development”

Any profession or career is the ultimate way to personal development and not vice-versa. Personal development should never be the instrument of fulfilling professional ambitions. What matters most is how much we cultivate and prepare ourselves to become better human beings in the due course of a galaxy of experiences that we have in our careers. Anybody who has the wisdom to accept this truth will eventually be content and satisfied no matter what his job profile is. Courteousness, discipline and consideration for others are some of the most important life skills any person should inculcate. Most importantly, these are not the outputs of personal development but manifestation of the same.

The correct idea of success

It is important to strike the balance between professional ambitions and social and personal life for anybody who wishes to be triumphant and blissful. The end goal has to be an all-round sense of accomplishment. The most celebrated business leaders like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett are in the position they are in because popularity and opulence were never the end but means to achieve something greater. Thus employees should look out for organisations, trials and guides that would accentuate growth. Employees might often face the difficult choice between more profitable or comfortable opportunity and a more complex, challenging, yet rewarding opening. While the former is readily tempting and convenient, the latter path though infinitely tedious will reap satisfying and valuable results. Employees are also often advised to make connections and associations with motivating and stimulating figures, who could help them to mature. Success, thus, is always qualitative and found when a person performs to the best of his abilities. Personal development is bound to follow.

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