Top performers  are the assets who take organisations to new heights. Executives should make an effort to appreciate the endeavours and accomplishments of top performers. It is highly plausible that the best performers are not aware of their own potential and how much their contributions have helped in the growth of the company. Acknowledgment and reward may not necessarily include monetary return. What is infinitely more important is recognising their efforts and encouraging employees to push themselves further. Proper motivation will ultimately benefit the organisation on various levels such as-

  • Better fulfilment of business objectives
  • Better employee engagement and team work
  • Retention of key employees
  • Better productivity and efficiency
  • Greater employee satisfaction that also affects work culture

How to do it

  • Spontaneously and sincerely thank the employee
  • State specifically what they did right
  • Explain what positive impact it may have had on the team or the organisation

An employee might have spent his entire life doing something very well without ever being recognised for it. His efforts could have been simply taken for granted,  though the role he had played in the organisation was one of major importance. Recognition will make him aware of how good he is in what he does and drive him to do better. He will notice how his inputs helped his co-workers, customers, his team and the company as a whole. The best occasions for motivating employees are when the company wants them to achieve certain goal or when they have already reached a milestone of success. Dave Ramsey wrote in EntreLeadership that people desire and crave  for approval. Employees want to feel the sense of being an intrinsic part of the company and being connected with others. An organisation should never be a place of continuous tension and struggle to fulfil targets but one where employees feel accepted and part of a framework of creative collaboration towards a common goal.


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