There is no doubt about the fact that a hale and hearty ambience in the work place contributes positively towards the accomplishment of the employees. Businesses are directly affected by the psychological and physical wellbeing of employees. Organisations that effectively generate strong and harmonious work culture are valued by investors and benefit from good business performance.

Many companies have facilities of sponsored health programs as a measure to safeguard the health and fitness of employees. Yet the simple thing called laughter can alleviate a number of problems and situations. The benefits of laughter, medically proven are several and significant such as-

  • It is a strong antidote to stress, pain, conflict and reduces physical tension, anxiety etc
  • Laughter improves immunity system
  • Laughter activates the release of endorphins
  • It reduces the chances of cardiovascular complications

Josh Stevens, CEO of Keas a reputed corporate health and wellness programme, famously said, “Health, happiness and productivity are intrinsically linked”. He claims that if the employees are not in a proper physical and mental condition it results in poor productivity, lack of job satisfaction and spontaneity of engagement. Amidst strenuous workload that characterises almost every organisation, laughter is the best medicine to promote amiable ambience and health. And the best part is that it costs nothing. The Robert Half International survey presented statistics that said an astounding 84% of executives who were surveyed agree that those who are endowed with a good sense of humour perform better in their jobs. Here`s how humour works in keeping a happy atmosphere-

  • Humour is possibly the best way to eradicate stress and tension
  • Humour can relieve you from the monotony of repetitive work
  • It increases focus and concentration of employees
  • It connects and engages employees and enhances the process of team-formation
  • Enables employees to work collectively towards a common target

 3 ways to promote friendly atmosphere at office

  1. It is true that there has to be a hierarchical order in the organisation, but employees and executives should treat each other with mutual respect. Top officials should be approachable.
  2. Happy hours can be allotted where employees get together and can have fun
  3. Occasional office parties or outdoor picnics where families of employees are invited can be  another great alternative.
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