If a supervisor is generously harboring under performers, the resultant effect is bound to be not at all positive for the organization as well as other employees. It is a bitter task for any manager to give poor performers negative feedback or strict warnings that are adequately honest. Yet it is important to have a clear and frank conversation to rectify the situation.

Under performers can never trust their supervisors

If a manager continues to coax and foster a poor performer, then the latter will grow comfortable of the situation, knowing fully well that the quality of his output is not at par with that of his co-workers and the expectations of the organization. In this way he will never be able to trust what the manager says about any issue.

Key performers cannot trust their supervisors either

If key performers are treated and evaluated in the same way under performers are, they will naturally feel de-motivated and disinterested. The leaders as well as the entire organization will lose trustworthiness and reliability.

Poor performers are a stressful burden

An under performer is a major setback and cause of constant anxiety for any supervisor. The manager himself will be responsible for his employee`s incompetence and ineffectiveness. A poor performer may be the hurdle that can prevent the team from executing tasks in the best possible manner.

Poor performers may spread the wrong message

If a supervisor simply dismisses an under performer without explaining where and how he was lacking, the employee may find the rejection extremely unjust and harsh. This will happen because he was never made aware of the fact that his performance did not meet the standard of the organisation. The employee may naturally feel upset and peeved and convey the wrong message among his colleagues that the dismissal was unfair and he was never appropriately informed.

An under performer is like a grain of sand in the eye. The entire working environment is liable to get affected and get caught up in frenzy due to the uselessness of one employee. Thus it would be pertinent if managers take the effort to address this problem directly and come up with a solution as early as possible.

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